Taranaki - Like No Other
Reconsider what really matters. Chances are the career and lifestyle you've always wanted are already here waiting for you.
Taranaki’s economy creates career opportunities across a wide range of industries. Things have changed a lot while you've been away, so prepare to be surprised by what Taranaki can offer you.
Home is where the heart is and where your future awaits. A return to Taranaki could give you and your family the legendary lifestyle that you want. So what are you waiting for? Register below and start making new memories now.

Incredibly famous Kiwi comedian Ben Hurley has been everywhere, but has found that there's nothing quite like coming home. Home to Taranaki that is. So why not come home to Taranaki? It’s the NZ you've been skiting about!

Jobs in Taranaki
Taranaki needs engineering, oil and gas, health and business expertise, plus much more. Find your next career in Taranaki.
Taranaki Lifestyle Toolkit
A handy guide to living in Taranaki.
Download yours now.
Read others stories
Read how other people have made the move to Taranaki, and what they think of and love about their new lifestyle.
Live + Work In Taranaki
For more information on returning to an old favourite, Taranaki.
Campaign photo credits: Rob Tucker, Mark Harris, TAFT, Peter Florence and Jane Dove Juneau.
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